Recipe: Gauva Cheese With Palm Jaggery

CooQ : Recipe: Gauva Cheese With Palm Jaggery

Gauva Cheese With Palm Jaggery

Indian, Dessert

39 calories/serving
20 mins
This is delicious sweet recipe was something I had saved a long time ago and finally could prepare it. This has a dark colour because of the jaggery. This is prepared with the overripe gauva.


1. Wash, cut the gauvas into 4 pieces and pressure cook with 1/2 a cup of water for 2 whistles.

2. Once it cools down grind it to a smooth paste and strain it with seive. and measure it and add jaggery. (i have added 1:3/4 jaggery, you can add 1:1)

3. Grease a tray with a little ghee and keep it aside.

4. Heat a pan and add the gauva and jaggery mixture to it and cook it on low to medium flame. when the mixture starts to thicken add lemon juice, keep stirring and once it leaves the sides add ghee and mix it and keep cooking for 2 to 3 mins more (you can even test it if it's done by just putting a small piece of this mixture in water, it should stay as is and not mix in the water, that's the right consistency)

5. When the mixture leaves the pan, transfer this gauva cheese to the greased tray , spread it evenly.

6. Let it completely cool. once it cools cut it into desired shapes.