Recipe: Fennel Sherbet/ Variyali Sharbat

CooQ : Recipe: Fennel Sherbet/ Variyali Sharbat

Fennel Sherbet/ Variyali Sharbat

Indian, Drink

117 calories/serving
10 mins
You may have tried a variety of summer coolers but Saunf/ Fennel sherbet is one such super drink that not only hydrates but also detoxifies the body, promotes weight loss and works well as breath freshener!!!

Mildly sweet, this cooling beverage is infused with aromatic cardamom and hint of black pepper which will certainly win you over!!


1. Grind the ingredients together into a fine powder. sift and store in a air tight jar. this powder can be used for over a month!!

2. To make the drink, simply add 2 tbsp of this powder to chilled water. add a few drops of lime juice (optional) and a few fresh mint sprigs. sip in the goodness!!