Recipe: Fasting Chilla

CooQ : Recipe: Fasting Chilla

Fasting Chilla

Indian fasting, Breakfast

108 calories/serving
25 mins
If your a chilla person and that is your go to breakfast option, then worry not & try this chilla recipe out which is within the framework of your vrat rules!!


1. Combine all the above ingredients and mix well, and make it as thin as a chilla batter.

2. Heat a nonstick / fry pan, leave a little ghee on it, and put the plate flour on the fry pan and spread it and beat the plate, not too thick, now fry it nicely, cover it.

3. Check after one minute, then again cover it and cook for one minute. if it comes out, it should be understood that the plate has been roasted properly. now roast the other side as well. it will take about one and a half to two minutes to bake each side.

Tip : serve this plate with fresh thick curd without adding sugar. this dish is very tasty with curd.

Serves : two medium sized chillas are made.