Recipe: Daldhokli

CooQ : Recipe: Daldhokli


Rajasthani, Mains

173 calories/serving
50 mins
Dal Dhokli, A one pot meal made by simmering whole wheat flour bits in a lentil-based motley perked with spices!

It is the Rajasthani Style Dal Dhokli unlike the Gujrati Style, this one is mainly made with Chilka Moong Dal.


1. Make a dough with above required ingredients for it and let set for 5 mins.

2. Then take small bit of the dough and press the small bit on your palm and put one finger in it and your dhokli is ready! make dhokli with the remaining dough and keep aside.

3. In a big vessel, pour 2½ litre of water and bring it to boil.

4. Till the water is boiling, in a plate take all the dals & wash it nicely and the remove all the water, put all the spices(not salt) and ghee in it and mix well.

5. After the water comes to boil, put the dal mixture in it and keep the flame high and cover it half with lid and let it boil and cook.

6. After 10 mins, put the dhoklis in the boiling dal mixture and cook for 20-25 mins "without stirring it".

7. Keep some water in the lid above and gradually add it in the boiling mixture.

8. Repeat the 7th step 5-6 times and finally add the chilles and curry leaves and salt in it and stir it nicely. let it cook for another 5 mins.

9. Voilà your dal dhokli is ready to be served! (you can add ghee and lemon juice from top to get a nice delicious and rich taste)