Recipe: Dabeli

CooQ : Recipe: Dabeli


Gujarati, Snacks

Snack it up
199 calories/serving
40 mins
A spicy, tangy and sweet potato filling inside a bun, drizzled with a spicy and sweet chutney and some pomegranate, grapes, onions and sev (fried gram flour vermicelli).

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Hebbars Kitchen


coriander seed
cumin seed
dry red chilli
grated coconut
tutti frutti
coriander leaves
pav bun
tamarind chutney
roasted peanuts


To make masala powder

1. Heat a pan, add dry roast 2 tsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 inch cinnamon, 4 cloves and 3 dry red chillies till fragrant.

2. Let it cool to room temperature. grind these spices to a fine powder.

To make filling

3. Heat a pan with 2 tsp oil and add in the ground masala powder and saute it on low flame.

4. Add 4 boiled and mashed potatoes. mix it well.

5. Then add 1/2 salt, mix and cook for 5 minutes. you will notice that the mixture is smooth and creamy. transfer it to a plate and flatten it using a spoon.

6. Garnish with coconut shavings, tutti frutti, coriander leaves, and pomegranate seeds.

To make red chutney

7. Soak 10 dry red chillis in water for about 20 minutes .

8. To a mixer jar, add the soaked red chillies, 8 garlic cloves, 1/4 tsp salt and grind it to a smooth paste by adding some water.

9. Red chutney is ready!

To assemble the dabeli

10. Slice the pav to create a cavity.

11. Stuff this cavity with sweet tamarind chutney, the prepared red chutney, mashed potatoes mixture, chopped onions and roasted peanuts in layers.

12. Heat a pan and toast the dabeli with butter till crisp on both the sides.

13. Dip the hot dabeli in sev and serve.


Incase you dont have fresh grated coconut, you can use desiccated coconut.

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