Recipe: Crispy Masala Bhindi

CooQ : Recipe: Crispy Masala Bhindi

Crispy Masala Bhindi

North indian, Mains

Ladies finger
87 calories/serving
60 mins
Crispy masala bhindi is a crunchy and flavorful variation of okar curry. Okra stir fried and cooked with whole Indian spices and onions tastes amazing when served with roti or lentil-rice.

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Your Food Lab


For frying lady finger

1. Cut off the head & tip of the lady finger and further cut into four halves length wise, deseed it and further cut into juliennes.

2. In a bowl add the julienned lady finger followed by all the powdered spices, the besan and rice flour. mix and coat the lady finger well. also add 1 tsp water so the flour coats the lady finger well.

3. Heat oil for frying and fry the lady finger on high heat until crisp and golden brown.

For the gravy

4. Heat oil in a wok, add cumin seeds and allow it to splutter.

5. Add onions and cook until they turn golden brown.

6. Next, add ginger garlic paste and sauté for 1-2 minutes. also add the powdered spices and mix well.

7. Add tomatoes, salt to taste and cook until they are mushy.

8. Add curd and mix well, stir continuously and cook for 3-4 minutes on low flame.

9. Further, add garam masala and sprinkle few freshly chopped corianders leaves, mix well.

10. Top the fried bhindi over the masala to avoid the crisp bhindi from getting soggy. serve hot with roti or paratha.


This recipe serves 4 people.

By Your Food Lab