Recipe: Classic Virgin Mojito

CooQ : Recipe: Classic Virgin Mojito

Classic Virgin Mojito

Cuban, Drink

Virgin mojito
189 calories/serving
10 mins
A bubbly rum cocktail that tastes minty-fresh, citrusy and a little sweet. Club soda is used to stretch out the flavors to create an afternoon-worthy sipper with white rum, sugar, lime juice etc.

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1. Cut lime into quartz and remove the seeds.

2. Take a tall glass or mason jar. add 2-3 tsp powdered sugar.

3. Add 4-6 lime pieces, 8-10 fresh mint leaves. muddle.

4. Fill the jar 3/4th with crushed ice.

5. Pour soda in. give it a good stir. serve immediately!


Quantity mentioned is for 1 glass of virgin mojito.

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