Recipe: Chickpea Sundal

CooQ : Recipe: Chickpea Sundal

Chickpea Sundal

South indian, north indian, Snacks

189 calories/serving
30 mins
This one is a lip-smacking snack that can also be served as a side-dish with meals. It is a brilliant South Indian stir fried dish made with chickpeas tossed in mustard seeds, curry leaves and authentic Indian spices. It is wholesome, healthy and delightful- a must try!

Recipe by:

Sharmis Passions


1. Take ½ cup of the white chickpeas, soak and boil them.

2. Boil it in the pressure cooker with salt in it. cook them for 1 whistle.

3. Cook for 3-4 minutes after the first whistle.

4. Remove them from the extra water by straining them.

5. Preheat the oil and roast ¼ tsp black mustard seeds, ¼ tsp cumin seeds.

6. Roast ½ tsp urad dal / black gram skinned and roast it until it is brown.

7. Roast 2 chopped green chillies and ½ pinch hing / asafoetida.

8. Add 10-12 curry leaves and again roast them.

9. Add the boiled chickpeas in it, stir and cook them for the 1-2 minutes.

10. Add ½ tbsp fresh grated coconut and mix them properly.

By Nishamadhulika


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