Recipe: Chandrakala

CooQ : Recipe: Chandrakala


Bihari, Dessert

115 calories/serving
45 mins
A traditional authentic pure ghee Indian sweet stuffed with the richness finest quality dry fruit and Khoya mix.

Recipe by:

Indian Tadka


1. In a pan add 1.5 cups home-made mawa. roast on low flame until light brown in colour. switch off the flame.

2. Transfer it into a bowl and let it cool completely. crumble once cooled down.

3. Add chopped cashew nuts, chopped pistachios, chopped raisins, chopped almonds, cardamom powder, powdered sugar as per taste and mix everything well. maava stuffing is ready

4. In a paraat, add all-purpose flour, desi ghee or oil, mix well. mix the flour very well using your fingers to make sure it crumbles well. you will notice that it binds. add water or lukewarm milk to knead the dough.

5. Approximately half cup of milk is used to knead the dough. knead a soft dough. cover and keep aside for 10 minutes.

6. In a pan add sugar and water and stir it. then add soaked saffron.this is optional. let it come to a boil. then add cardamom powder. cook until one string consistency or a sticky consistency. syrup is ready now.

7. Knead the dough a little bit and divide it into small portions.

8. Take around 1 tablespoon maida in a bowl and add little water and make a slurry.

9. Take a small portion of the dough and roll it into a thick chapati. cut small rounds.

10. Take 1 round disc and press the edges of one disc using your fingers. add 1 tablespoon of mawa filling in the centre. apply slurry on the edges. add one disc on top of the mawa filling, press and seal the edges.

11. Now press and close the edges. repeat the process and make more chandrakala. cover it with a cloth.

12. Heat some oil or ghee for deep frying and drop in the chandrakala in lukewarm oil.

13. Fry on low flame. keep flipping the slide sides turn by turn. fry both sides well until light brown in colour.

14. Drop them in lukewarm sugar syrup and soak them for 2 to 3 minutes. delicious chandra kala is ready to serve.

By Indian Tadka