Recipe: Carrot Kootu (carrot Dal Gravy)

CooQ : Recipe: Carrot Kootu (carrot Dal Gravy)

Carrot Kootu (carrot Dal Gravy)

South indian, Mains

141 calories/serving
35 mins
Carrot Kootu, in simplest terms, is carrot lentil curry. The addition of carrots in mashed moong and/or toor dal (also called lentils stew) is the highlight of this highly loved dish from the authentic South Indian cuisine. Healthy and wholesome. this dish is a must try if you are fond of experimnetal cooking.

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1. Pressure cook the toor dal / split pigeon peas, moong dal / split yellow gram by adding 1 glass of water.

2. Heat oil in a pan, add urad dal / black gram skinned, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing / asafoetida powder, onion, green chilli, curry leaves, pounded garlic & sauté it.

3. Once the onion turns transparent add carrot, salt, turmeric powder & mix it.

4. Now add little water to cook the carrot.

5. Next grind grated coconut, cumin seeds into coarse paste. don't add any water while grinding.

6. Now add cooked dal to the sauce pan & mix it well. its little thick, so dilute it with a little water & let it cook for 2 minutes.

7. Finally add the coconut, cumin paste & mix it well.

8. Carrot kootu is done serve it with hot rice.

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