Recipe: Carrot Buckwheat Falafel With Carrot Hummus

CooQ : Recipe: Carrot Buckwheat Falafel With Carrot Hummus

Carrot Buckwheat Falafel With Carrot Hummus

Lebanese, Mains

130 calories/serving
35 mins
A fusion to the regular falafels and hummus with the addition of carrots just makes it more tasty and healthy!!


Carrot hummus

1. In a mixer, add boiled carrots, cooked chickpeas, white sesame seeds, garlic cloves, ginger, salt to taste, habanero chillies.

2. Grind in a mixer into a smooth paste. use chickpeas water if needed. add lemon juice, drizzle olive oil on top.

Carrot buckwheat falafal

3. Soak buckwheat groats / kuttu ka atta for 20 minutes. cook them by adding enough water for 5 minutes or till they become tender.

4. Drain and transfer in a bowl. add boiled chickpeas, boiled carrots, garlic, cumin powder, pepper powder, chopped coriander leaves, grated ginger, salt to taste, and make a coarse paste.

5. Make balls from this paste coat with cooked buckwheat groats and toasted sesame. buckwheat gives nice crispy texture and awesome earthy flavor to the falafals almost like sabudana vada.

6. Deep fry these balls in oil. serve hot with hummus.