Recipe: Caramel Cream Parfait

CooQ : Recipe: Caramel Cream Parfait

Caramel Cream Parfait

French, Breakfast

210 calories/serving
40 mins
Chocolate, caramel and cream the perfect combination for a light and delicious dessert!

Recipe by:

Nestle Milkpak Cream Sweet talk


1. In a food processor, add lotus biscuits and blend on pulse until desired consistency. set aside.

2. To make caramel sauce, take sugar in a pan. add water and let it come to a boil until it turns brown.

3. Pour nestle milkpak dairy cream and mix well.

4. Also add nestle milkpak dairy butter. let it melt in the mixture and set it aside.

5. In a small bowl, mix together vanilla custard powder and little milk. make a lump free mixture.

6. Boil nestle milkpak dairy milk in a pan. pour vaniila custard-milk mixture. stir it continuosly.

7. Mix nestle milkpak cream in vanilla custard-milk. mix it well to make a custard cream mixture.

8. Take nestle milkpak whipping cream. whisk it to make whipped cream.

9. In glass jars, make an even crust of crushed biscuits.

10. Layer it with custard cream mixture.

11. Add pieces of lotus biscuits over it. also add a layer of caramel sauce.

12. Top it with whipped nestle milkpak whipping cream.

By Nestle Milkpak Cream Sweet Talk