Recipe: Blackforest Brownie Trifle

CooQ : Recipe: Blackforest Brownie Trifle

Blackforest Brownie Trifle

Fusion, Dessert

310 calories/serving
15 mins
A quick and easy fix to a major chocolate craving, A delicious
Blackforest brownie trifle!!
A simple yet yummilicous chocolaty treat with the layers of chocolate brownies, cherry and whipped cream, sharing the recipe for all the chocolate lovers here. Instead of brownie you can use any leftover chocolate cake.


1. Combine the cherries and sugar and cook over medium-low heat for 5 minutes. now add your cornstarch and mix well. let it cook until it thickens. keep it aside

2. Arrange the brownies strips on the bottom of trifle bowls.

3. Now pour the cherries compote over top of the brownies.

4. Now add a layer of whipped cream. then add another layer of brownie and cherry compote on top.

5. Now add a layer of whipped cream over top of the brownies. your trifle is ready!!!