Recipe: Besan Kheer

CooQ : Recipe: Besan Kheer

Besan Kheer

South indian, north indian, Dessert

167 calories/serving
20 mins
A dish from the tradational Indian kitchens, Besan kheer or Garm flour pudding is a wholesome combination of gram flour, full cream milk, saffron and sugar. Usually enjloyed in winter months, this recipe is a great dessert for family functions or house parties.

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Food and Remedy


1. First dry roast the almonds and cashew pieces, and keep them aside to cool down. then powder it and keep it ready.

2. Crush / powder the pista using a mortar and pestle . keep it aside.

3. Heat the ghee in a big pan, add besan / gram flour and fry it till it turns a golden brown color.

4. Now add water and allow it to boil. make sure there are no lumps of flour in it.

5. Add the cashew and almond powder, saffron, sugar and milk. mix it really well.

6. Let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes on medium low heat and once you feel a little thickness, switch off the stove.

7. Before serving, garnish it with pista powder. you can serve hot or chilled

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