Recipe: Berry Chia Pudding

CooQ : Recipe: Berry Chia Pudding

Berry Chia Pudding

English, Breakfast

110 calories/serving
10 mins
Who doesn’t love a good set it and forget it recipe. This berry chia pudding is super easy, packed with nutrients and keeps you full for longer. We love to keep this in the fridge for an easy breakfast on busy weekdays or lazy weekends!!


1. Soak 6-8 tablespoons of chia seeds in 2 cups of almond milk a night before.

2. Add 2 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of vanilla extract at the time of soaking and mix well

Berry sauce:

3. In a pan, throw in 15-20 blueberries and 7-8 strawberries and let it cook. add 1 tbsp sugar and juice of half lemon to it.

4. Cook till the berries can be mashed with a spatula and have a sauce consistency

5. Layer a jar with crushed butter cracker/cookie (optional). pour the berry sauce over it. top it with lots of soaked chia pudding and finally garnish with cut berries and nuts. i have added almonds and walnuts.

And your healthy, fulfilling and easy breakfast fix is ready!!!