Recipe: Beetroot Wheat Pasta Salad (minty & lemony)

CooQ : Recipe: Beetroot Wheat Pasta Salad (minty & lemony)

Beetroot Wheat Pasta Salad (minty & lemony)

Italian, Mains

127 calories/serving
20 mins
This is minty and lemony no cheese pasta .We are getting closer to the end of this year and most of us make resolutions to eat healthy and yet tasty!!
This is absolutely healthy and worth tasting once.


1. Peel the beetroot skin and cut it into halves. further cook it until soft in an open vessel with water.

2. Remove the cooked beetroot and in the same water, cook pasta for about 10 min. drain well. set aside to cool.

3. Collect the drained water and cook the sweetcorn kernels in it for about 3 min.

4. Meanwhile, grate the cooked beetroot and add it in a mixing bowl.

5. Wash the mint leaves and chop them well.

6. Prepare a dressing for the salad. in a small cup, add olive oil + chilli flakes + oregano + lemon juice + salt and mix well.

7. Add the dressing to the grated beetroot. further add the cooked pasta and boiled sweetcorn kernels.

8. Mix these together with a fork and check for taste. here you may add any amount of extra dressing/ seasoning as per your taste.

9. Sprinkle mint leaves and toss well.

10. Enjoy in a white plate 🍽 with love !!

Note: serves 4