Recipe: Beetroot & Spinach Rava Idli

CooQ : Recipe: Beetroot & Spinach Rava Idli

Beetroot & Spinach Rava Idli

South indian, Mains

62 calories/serving
30 mins
In initial years of my marriage I had a tough time preparing and cooking even the simplest of the dishes.
But with time and lot of trial and errors I learnt.

It used to be a challenge to prepare dinners for friends and colleagues as the bunch used to be 20 plus and all young officers. But these gatherings helped me gain experience and forced me to explore easy and fast party food.

Since then the Rava Idli remain my favourite and today I have tried the same with beet root and spinach purée.


1. Mix all ingredients well except fruit salt.

2. Prepare the tadka & pour in the rava batter and mix well.

3. When you are ready to prepare your idlis, add fruit salt & mix.

4. Pour the mix on top the idli stand and steam for 7-8 minutes.

5. Enjoy your idlis with sambhar & peanut chutney.