Recipe: Beet Pesto

CooQ : Recipe: Beet Pesto

Beet Pesto

Italian, Condiment

38 calories/serving
30 mins
My real love for Pesto began a couple of years back during our trip to Italy. We had tried pesto before but the true taste of flavors came out with the freshest kind of basil leaves homegrown and locally made to produce the most delicious and creamy pesto sauce! Since then I have always had it in my mind to give this one a try, and boy I am glad I did! I added some roasted beets to give it a slightly earthy twist and take my word for it, the freshness of basil leaves combined with the tad bitterness of roasted beets along with nuts gave it the perfect taste imaginable. This one is a oldie but goodie


1. Wash, peel and dry beets. wash and clean basil leaves and keep aside.

2. Roughly chop beets into medium sized pieces.

3. Coat them in olive oil and bake at 400 f for 45-50 minutes till completely tender

4. Grind all the ingredients together in blender to make a course paste.

5. Garnish with any nuts, herbs or toppings of your choice