Recipe: Batate Vagu/ Spicy Potato Gravy

CooQ : Recipe: Batate Vagu/ Spicy Potato Gravy

Batate Vagu/ Spicy Potato Gravy

South indian, konkani, Mains

102 calories/serving
35 mins
This a konkani style spicy potato gravy which is a no onion no garlic gravy as well. Vaagu in konkani means tiger 🐅 and the name Batate vaagu must have come because it is a spicy gravy 😉.


1. Chop all the tomatoes. dry roast the coriander seeds in a pan, for a half minute and then add kashmiri red chilies and further dry roast it till you get the aroma of chilies.

2. Add grated coconut into a mixer jar and transfer the roast chili and coriander seeds into it. add little water. make fine paste. this is the basic masala required to make batate vagu.

3. Take 3 tbsp cooking oil in a pan and heat it. once heated add half tbsp mustard seeds, curry leaves and make a tempering.

4. Add 2 medium sized chopped tomato and saute. add little water if required and saute till the tomatoes becomes mushy.

5. Next add the ground masala and mix all the ingredients. cook it for 2 minutes.

6. Add 1/2 tbsp red chili powder. this step is optional, it is only to make the dish more spicy and more colorful.

7. Take asafoetida powder, dissolve it in water and put it into the pan. you can add asafoetida directly while making masala into mixer jar also.

8. Take 3 medium sized potato, pressure cook it upto a whistle with little salt added, then peel of the skin and crush it with hands and add it to the pan.

9. Adjust the gravy with little water. do not add more water. batate vaagu is of thick consistency.

10. Finally add salt as per taste and mix it well and cook for 7 minutes. potato spicy curry/ batate vagu is ready.



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