Recipe: Banh Mi (vietnamese Sandwich)

CooQ : Recipe: Banh Mi (vietnamese Sandwich)

Banh Mi (vietnamese Sandwich)

Vietnamese, Mains

611 calories/serving
40 mins
Rich, savory meat combined with bright and crunchy homemade pickles stuffed into a fluffy baguette packed with a powerful punch of flavour.

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Prepping the pork

1. Mince 2 cloves of garlic and 1/2 shallot well, place in large bowl.

2. Combine 1 tbsp black soy sauce, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1/2 tbsp sugar on top, mix to prepare the marinade.

3. Place 1 lb. sliced pork into the marinade, mix well, add salt and pepper to taste for extra seasoning. refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Pickling the carrot and daikon

4. Peel 1 carrot and 1 daikon. slice them into matchsticks, equal amounts of both and place in separate bowl.

5. Add 1 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of sugar, mix and let it sit for 10 minutes to draw out the moisture. after this period you should be able to bend and twist the carrot slices without breaking.

6. Run carrots and daikon slices under water to rinse out salt and sugar.

7. Take 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/8 cup of salt and mix it into the 1 cup of warm water until dissolved. pour in 1 cup distilled white vinegar and stir together. pour this mixture over carrot and daikon slices. let it sit for 1 hour minimum (or overnight for best results) to pickle.

Cooking the pork

8. Pan fry or grill pork on high until evenly cooked and browned. set aside.

Assembling the banh mi sandwich

9. Slice 1 vietnamese french baguette in half length-wise. spread mayonnaise generously on each side.

10. Layer on about 1 cup of pork. top with pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, onion slices, and jalapenos. finish with some squirts of maggi sauce.


French baguette bread is usually fluffier because it is made with rice flour.

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