CooQ : Recipe: Malabar Spinach And Orange Sweet Potato Curry/ Vaali Ani Kanga Randayi

Malabar Spinach And Orange Sweet Potato Curry/ Vaali Ani Kanga Randayi

South indian, konkani | Mains

Sweet potato
144 calories/serving
30 mins
Being innovative is the key !! 😌☺ Vaali popashpala randayi is a popular curry in Konkani. Vaali means Malabar Spinach and popashpal means Papaya. While these two ingredients are combined with a coconut paste, a garlicky + a bit sweet and spicy gravy is achieved. I SWAPPED an INGREDIENT and made this curry. Instead of Papaya I added Sweet potato to the gravy. It tasted awesome.


1. Wash the malabar spinach leaves and chop them finely. separate the stems and cut them into 2 inches each. peel the skin of the sweet potato and cut them into cubes.

2. Heat a vessel with water. firstly cook the stems of the malabar spinach and the sweet potato. later, when this is half cooked add the leaves. cook all of it.

3. Prepare a masala paste with coconut gratings + roasted red chillies + tamarind. add water to get a thick consistency.

4. Add the masala paste to the cooked veggies and bring to a boiling point. add salt and jaggery as per your taste. adjust the consistency of the gravy with required water. switch off the flame.

5. Lastly make a tempering with oil and garlic pods. add the tempering to the gravy.

6. Tasty malabar spinach and sweet potato gravy is ready and best tasted with white rice. usually dal is used too. i skipped dal here and it tasted good. try this for sure.