CooQ : Recipe: Rajgira Halwa

Rajgira Halwa

Indian fasting | Dessert

189 calories/serving
20 mins
You cannot buy happiness but you can surely make this Rajgira Halwa..
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10 Minute Delights


1. Heat water in a vessel and add sugar in it.

2. Add cardamom powder and mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. you don’t have to boil the water. as soon as the sugar is dissolved, turn the flame off and keep this sugar water aside.

3. Now heat ghee in a pan and add rajgira flour. keep stirring on low flame until the flour turns brown.

4. When ghee starts to float on top this means the flour is well done.

5. Add sugar water while mixing very carefully. keep stirring on high to medium flame until the water is evaporated.

6. You can add some chopped almonds inside the halwa at this stage if you like.

7. Once halwa leaves the sides of the pan, turn off the flame.

8. Halwa is now ready to be served. garnish it with some almonds on top and enjoy this rich and delicious dessert on a fasting day or otherwise. enjoy!!

By 10 Minute Delights