CooQ : Recipe: Rava Kesari_by Neha

Rava Kesari_by Neha

South indian | Dessert

195 calories/serving
25 mins
A silky smooth, aromatic, super delicious and creamy halwa made with rava and saffron.


1. In a wok, heat some ghee. roast cashews and raisins separately till they turn golden. take them out in a plate.

2. Now, roast suji in heated wok on low-medium flame. suji should turn golden and aromatic. once roasted well, take it out in a plate.

3. Now, begin boiling water in the same wok. once you see tiny bubbles, add saffron and orange color.

4. In the boiling water, slowly stir in suji and keep mixing, to avoid lumps.

5. Once suji absorbs all the water, add sugar and combine well.

6. Now add roasted cashews and raisins. mix well.

7. Add the remaining ghee and mix well. serve warm.