CooQ : Recipe: Tilkut


Bihari | Dessert

238 calories/serving
40 mins
a sweet savoury dish made in the winter using sesame seeds and ghee.
Recipe by:
Nisha Madhulika


1. In a pan dry roast 100 grams of sesame seeds. keep stirring them while roasting. switch off the flame.

2. Once the sesame seeds cool down, transfer them in a mixer jar and transfer them into a coarse powder.

3. In a pan add one teaspoon ghee and add 100 grams of finely chopped jaggery. add 1 teaspoon water and stir well so that the jaggery melts on low flame.

4. Once the jaggery gets melted down, make sure to cook that further till it turns little dark brown in colour.

5. To check whether the jaggery is cooked perfect, add little jaggery syrup in hot in cold water. if the jaggery turns crisp it means that it is cooked.

6. Now add the ground sesame seeds to this jaggery syrup. once it is properly cooked switch off the flame.

7. Grease a bowl with some ghee and add this mixture into it. shape it as per your own preference. ensure that the utensil you are using to give this mixture shape should have a flat base. also make sure that the mixture is hot while you give it shape.

8. Once the mixture comes to the desired shape take it out in a plate and make as many as you want.

By Ajmer Rasoi