CooQ : Recipe: Tomato And Olive Penne

Tomato And Olive Penne

Italian | Mains

700 calories/serving
20 mins
A simple, yet delicious vegetarian pasta where penne is tossed with sauteed garlic, cherry tomatoes, black olives and basil pesto
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1. Trim the ends of the zucchinis and slice lengthwise into three slices. then slice each strip into 2 or 3 more lengths. cut into four creating batons.

2. Add one tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan on high heat. once the oil is hot, cook and brown the zucchini batons. toss a few times until lightly brown. you want them to stay firm. set aside on a plate.

3. Place a pot of water on high heat, add salt once it boils, turn heat to medium and cook your pasta al dente. (approx 10 minutes see directions on packet).

4. Slice all the cherry tomatoes in half. add another tbsp olive oil to the same pan and saute the tomatoes on high heat. toss a few times for even cooking. cook for approx 4 minutes.

5. Add the pitted olives and finely chopped or minced garlic. deglaze the pan with two ladles full of pasta water.

6. Add the grated pecorino cheese, two tbsp olive oil or a little more and mix well on medium to low heat. this will make a sauce. you may need to add a little more pasta water if too dry.

7. Strain the cooked pasta (keep some of the pasta water aside in case you need more) and add to the frying pan sauce.

8. Season with salt and pepper, mix well. (note:- taste as you go as cheese and olives can be very salty). add some torn fresh basil leaves, mix and serve.

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