CooQ : Recipe: Paneer Parantha

Paneer Parantha

North indian | Mains

226 calories/serving
20 mins
Paneer Parantha is a wholesome breakfast recipe made by stuffing whole wheat chapatis with spicy and tangy paneer masala mixture. This one is a heaven for all cottage cheese lovers. It is extremely filling, high in nutririon and mouth-watering, best served with yogurt and pickle.
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1. In a bowl, grate the paneer and mix all the ingredients for the filling. keep this aside.

2. Mix wheat flour, oil, salt and water and knead it to get a dough. knead it for 10 minutes. let it sit for 30 minutes.

3. Divide the dough into equal sized dough balls. flatten the dough balls and place the filling in the centre.

4. Fold the flattened dough with the filling into a parcel. flatten it again and roll it out.

5. Roll out all the dough balls in the same way.

6. Heat a tawa. place the rolled out parathas onto the hot tawa. flip the paratha once it is cooked on one side.

7. Add some oil/ghee on the edges and cook on both the sides till they turn golden. serve the paneer paratha hot.

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