CooQ : Recipe: Chai Tiramisu

Chai Tiramisu

Fusion | Dessert

372 calories/serving
10 mins
Fusion never looked better with this recipe for the ultimate spiced-infused Chai Tiramisu. Layers after layers of chai-soaked rusks, and rich, velvety cream cheese, this is the perfect weekend treat. So easy to make and SO FRIGGIN DELICIOUS, especially when eaten the next day!
Recipe by:
THE Tea Trove


1. In a bowl add whipping cream and blend it. now add cream cheese to it and whip until there are stiff peaks.

2. Now in a bowl add hot water and masala chai powder. soak the rusks in it.

3. In an empty jar start layering it with rusk, then fill in the cream mix repeat the process till the jar is full.

4. Finally, dust some cocoa on top. tadaa your chai tiramisu is ready!!!!