CooQ : Recipe: Malabar Spinach & Jackfruit Seed Coconut Gravy /vaali Ani Bikkand Ghalnu Sasam

Malabar Spinach & Jackfruit Seed Coconut Gravy /vaali Ani Bikkand Ghalnu Sasam

Konkani | Mains

159 calories/serving
25 mins
Sasam means mustard seeds and some gravies in Konkani cuisine have got this name as this very ingredient in the gravy brings a unique flavor to the gravy and happens to be the only spice used other than chillies. There are again various ways of making a Sasam gravy..1) In some gravies the masala paste is not cooked and just mixed with cooked vegetables like a chutney.2) In some gravies green chillies are used & not red chillies. etc.. But in all gravies...mustard seeds are grinded with coconut. No lentils added.


1. Separate the malabar spinach leaves from its stem and chop them.chop the leaves into small pieces and stem into 1 inch size.

2. Remove the peels of the dried jackfruit seeds and crush them.

3. In a vessel,  firstly cook the jackfruit seeds( bikkand) + the malabar spinach  stems with adequate water.

4. After 5 min, further add the malabar spinach leaves and cook them.

5. For the masala paste, in a mixer jar, add grated coconut + roasted red chillies + tamarind & grind it well. further add raw mustard seeds (sasam) + salt and grind it to a smooth paste.

6. Add this masala to the cooked vegetables and cook the masala.

7. Finally make a tempering with mustard seeds+ curry leaves + oil.

8. Serve with hot rice/ roti.