CooQ : Recipe: Raw Papaya Sukka

Raw Papaya Sukka

South indian, konkani | Mains

Raw papaya
78 calories/serving
20 mins
Not finding good quality vegetables during lockdown? Look around there might be this wonder fruit growing in your backyard. Pick a raw one and prepare this sweet,spicy, tangy sukka. It is said to be a good immunity booster too. Unfortunately one of our papaya trees fell which had lots of fruits grown. Almost ripe ones we used as fruit and made use of raw ones in cooking. No wasting whatever nature gives us.


1. To prepare sukke remove the skin and seeds of raw papaya and chop them into small pieces.

2. Roast 2 tsp each of urad dal and coriander seeds in oil till aromatic.

3. Grind them with grated coconut, tamarind, 4-5 red chilies to prepare masala.

4. In the same pan add about 3tsp oil and add few garlic pods. fry them till golden.

5. Now add the chopped papaya and add water n allow it to cook completely.

6. Once cooked add salt to taste and a piece of jaggery.

7. Next add the masala and cook till raw smell goes.

8. This can be a good accomplishment for roti, neer dosa or even rice , ganji etc.