CooQ : Recipe: Ulli Theeyal

Ulli Theeyal

Kerala | Mains

427 calories/serving
30 mins
Ulli Theeyal is a gravy based delicacy, sour and spicy in taste, it also contains very complex flavours. Served in Onam Sadya, it has flavours of coconut and spices with pearl onjons or shallots. Whereas, the sour flavour comes from the Tamarind.
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For coconut milk

1. Cut a coconut into small pieces and grind it in a mixer or grate it.

2. Take this thinly grated or grounded coconut and, using a clean muslin cloth, drain it. this is your first coconut milk (thick).

3. Now, add a little water to the coconut and drain again. this is the second diluted coconut milk. make sure to repeat until all the milk has been drained from the coconut.

For the ground masala

4. Take a wide pan, pour a little oil and add some coriander seeds. roast them until they turn brown.

5. Once they turn brown, take it off the stove. now, add the red chillies and roast them. add these to the coriander seeds as well.

6. Now, add a little coconut oil and roast the fresh grated coconut in the pan. add this to roasted seeds and chillies.

7. Let the mixture sit for a while. once the mixture has cooled down, grind it to a fine powder using a mixer. do not add any water to this mixture.

How to proceed

8. In a wide pan, add a little bit of ghee and coconut oil. add some urad dal and mustard seeds to the pan.

9. Once the seeds start splattering, add the thinly sliced shallots to the pan and sauté. add a few curry leaves, a few whole shallots and a few cloves of garlic (optional). sauté until the shallots turn into a nice golden brown colour.

10. Now, add four teaspoons of the ground masala powder to the pan and mix well.

11. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, tamarind puree (thick), and a little water. mix well.

12. Season it with some salt and let the dish cook for about 10 minutes.

13. Now, keeping the flame low, add a cup of diluted coconut milk and mix well.

14. After a minute, add another cup of thick coconut milk to the pan. stir it gently.

15. After about a minute, turn off the stove. do not bring this dish to a boil.

10. Voila! your ulli theeyal is ready.


1. This dish is a great companion for steaming rice, added with a bit of ghee. it is perfect when sided with coconut rice. serve hot.

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