CooQ : Recipe: Besan Chilla

Besan Chilla

North indian | Breakfast

108 calories/serving
15 mins
Besan chilla is a spicy pancake made with gram flour, select vegetables, authentic spices and some oil. The easy to cook, healthy and delicious dish can be enjoyed with chutney in breakfast or can also be served as a snack with evening tea. You should definitely give it a shot!
Recipe by:
Hebbars Kitchen


1. Firstly, in a large mixing bowl take 1 cup besan.

2. Add in ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ¼ tsp ajwain and salt to taste.

3. Additionally, add ½ cup water or little more. mix with the help of whisk to form a smooth batter.

4. Now rest the batter for 30 minutes or more so that besan absorbs water and turn light.

5. Furthermore, add in ½ onion, ½ tomato, 2 tbsp coriander leaves, 1 inch ginger and 1 green chilli. mix well with the help of ladle and get to a flowing consistency batter.

6. Further, pour a ladleful of batter onto a hot tawa and spread gently.

7. Pour a tsp of oil over chilla. allow to cook on medium flame.

8. Now flip the chilla and cook both sides.

9. Finally, fold the besan chilla and serve with green chutney.

By Hebbars Kitchen