CooQ : Recipe: Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo

South indian, north indian | Dessert

155 calories/serving
30 mins
Made with a versatile ingredient- chickpea flour, this one is one of the most loved sweets in every part of the country. Small pearl sized balls deep fried in ghee to perfection and made into he delicious, soft and sweet ladoos is a journey that you won't want to miss. The first bite is a bliss and it is heaven thereafter.
Recipe by:
Hebbars Kitchen


1. For batter, take chickpea flour. add small portion of water and dissolve the lumps. add water to the batter and make it slurry. keep its consistency same as pakora batter.

2. Whisk the batter for 4 to 5 minutes. keep the batter aside for 10 minutes.

3. For sugar syrup, take sugar, add water (add water half the quantity of sugar). cook until sugar dissolves in water. stir at regular intervals. cook for 1 to 2 minutes then check it. check the sugar syrup.

4. Put the ghee to heat. whisk batter for 2 to 3 minutes. batter is smooth and of pouring consistency. check ghee. medium high hot oil is needed to fry the boondis.

5. Take a slotted laddle. pour 2 spoons of batter on it. tap on the ladle, fill the wok with boondi. stir the boondis, do not make boondis too crisp for ladoos, take it out.

6. Keep boondi in a sieve, make all boondi likewise. once ready, slightly heat the sugar syrup if it seems bit cool, then turn off flame.

7. Put boondi in it. add coarsely ground cardamoms, muskmelon seeds. mix all well. press boondi with ladle. cover and keep for 30 minutes. check the boondi if it has absorbed the syrup. mix well once again.

8. To bind ladoos grease palm with ghee. keep mix on your palm and bind them, bind all the ladoos likewise.

9. All ladoos are ready. garnish ladoos with some grated pistachios. keep boondi to dry in open for 5 to 6 hours. fill it in an air tight container and relish it.

By Nishamadhulika