CooQ : Recipe: Uagadi Pachadi

Uagadi Pachadi

South indian | Mains

Raw mango
239 calories/serving
15 mins
This Andhra delicacy is one of the most important dishes served during the Ugadi festival, Ugadi Pachadi is mostly celebrated at the beginning of April. It's a beverage cum side dish that has a sweet & sour taste in it. Containing raw magoes and tamarind juice as the main ingridient, neem flowers and green chillies are also added and mixed.
Recipe by:
Vahchef - VahRehVah


1. In a bowl add tamarind juice, jaggery juice dissolved in water.

2. Meanwhile, chop raw mango into small pieces, coconut into small pieces.

3. Add these to the tamarind and jaggery juice.

4. Then add neem flowers, salt, mashed green chillies (optional), mix well.

5. This can be had like juice on ugadi day. its called as ugadi pachadi.

By Vahchef - Vahrehvah