CooQ : Recipe: Puri Unde /puffed Rice Ladoo

Puri Unde /puffed Rice Ladoo

Indian | Dessert

114 calories/serving
25 mins
This is traditional sweet, it's so crunchy and crispy and mildly sweet. And it's a good snack option. This is usually prepared during weddings, baby shower, thread ceremony and also for tulsi pooja. Making this puri unde is not difficult, but the key to this, is getting the right consistency of the jaggery syrup.


1. Clean the puri, and dry roast it until crisp.

2. Chop the cobri/dried coconut into small pieces roast it with a little ghee until golden. keep it aside

3. Heat 1/4 cup water in a bowl, add jaggery and let it dissolve completely, turn off heat and after 2 mins, strain it, in a strainer. keep it aside.

4. Heat a thick bottom kadai add the cleaned, jaggery syrup and keep cooking on medium heat, once in a while stir it, let it bubble, now add cardamom powder and mix it.

5. When it starts to bubble really well check the syrup by dropping a drop of the syrup in cold water, if you are able to form a soft firm ball then the syrup is perfect. now turn off heat add the roasted gram, roasted cobri/dried coconut and the roasted puri/puffed rice. mix everything well quickly.

6. Take one ladle of the puri drop it in a plate, apply ghee to your palms and make the ladoo, in the same way until you make all the laddoos. must be very quick here or if the syrup dries you cannot make the laddoos. once it cools, store it in a airtight container.

Note: to test the jaggery syrup consistency, if you drop the syrup in a cup of cold water, the syrup should form a soft and firm ball, that's the right consistency.