CooQ : Recipe: Layered Frozen Yoghurt Bricks With Fresh Blackberries

Layered Frozen Yoghurt Bricks With Fresh Blackberries

American | Dessert

232 calories/serving
10 mins
Layered frozen yoghurt bricks with fresh blackberries! A delicious, fun and healthy dessert. Don’t be surprised if I tell you guys that I’m addicted to using Indian blackberries or jamun for my recipes now. I'm totally in love with these deep purple plump beauties. Recently I tried these yoghurt barks with jamun and they came out excellent. Absolutely beautiful and totally delicious. Here is the recipe...


1. Take 1/2 cup hung curd in a bowl, add 1/2 cup jamun puree and 1 tbsp honey. mix well.

2. Take 1 cup hung curd in a seperate bowl, add 1 tbsp honey and mix well.

3. Now take the icecream moulds and spoon the first layer of blackberry yoghurt evenly in the mould followed by the second layer of granola and the third layer of plain hung curd.

4. Lastly spread chopped blackberries on top.

5. Cover the moulds with foil paper and place in the freezer for 3-4 hours or until firm. cut into pieces, serve immediately. enjoy!