CooQ : Recipe: Horse Gram Papad

Horse Gram Papad

Karnataka | Condiment

17 calories/serving
20 mins
This spicy horse gram papad is from Karnataka cuisine. This is made in lots and stored for the whole year. I have seen my mil make it. But never tried it and this is first time I am preparing this papad/happalas. It's quite time consuming, but it totally enjoyed making it. It goes well with sambar or rasam rice. It's quite a unique happla. This is prepared with very f ingredients.


1. Wash, soak and sprout the horse gram. dry it in shade. and let it dry completely.

2. Grind the house gram and urad dal together to a smooth powder. seive it if necessary.

3.Mix red chilly powder, hing and salt to the flour by adding the oil and a little water. let the dough be stiff. leave it overnight.

4. The next morning mix it really well with the help of pestle. i used a stone which i have from many years.

5. Then make small happala like that of a puri. dry it in the shade and let it dry completely and may be just for a few hours dry it in the sun and store it. this papad is generally roasted on the fire and not deep fried in oil .