CooQ : Recipe: Kuvale Puli Koddel/ Ashgourd Curry In Konkani Style

Kuvale Puli Koddel/ Ashgourd Curry In Konkani Style

South indian | Mains

147 calories/serving
30 mins
This is a spicy,sweet and sour coconut based gravy. This is popular in Konkani communities. This gravy is made on special days / festivals and also served in some temples in dakshin kannada district, Karnataka.


1. Cut 1/2 kg ash gourd into small square pieces, remove the peels and boil them in a vessel.

2. In a pan, heat some oil and fry 3 tsp coriander seeds, 2 tsp urad dal / black gram skinned, 2 tsp chana dal / bengal gram, a small piece of turmeric stick, pinch of asafoetida / hing, 1 tsp dosa rice, 3 tsp grated coconut, 8 dried red chillies till they turn brown.

3. Wash 3 tsp sesame seeds and fry them separately.

4. In a mixer / high speed blender make a masala paste with all these above fried ingredients, 1/2 lemon sized tamarind, salt to taste.

5. Add this masala paste into the boiled ash gourd with 3-4 tsp jaggery and water and boil it for sometime. turn off the flame after you get a thick gravy like consistency.

6. Finally add a tempering of oil with 1/4 tsp mustard seeds, 2 twigs of curry leaves.


This recipe serves 4 people.