CooQ : Recipe: Kaddu Ki Kheer/ Pumpkin Pudding

Kaddu Ki Kheer/ Pumpkin Pudding

North indian | Dessert

185 calories/serving
25 mins
A creamy and healthier version if famous indian dessert “Kheer” made from pumpkin is a must try dessert in fast or on a hot summer day!


1. In a pan add 3 tbsp ghee and add 150 gms grated pumpkin. roast it until it becomes aromatic.

2. Now add 250 ml milk and keep stirring. as it thickens add sugar to taste, cardamom powder, few saffron strands and stir.

3. Add the dry fruit and once kheer becomes creamy, put off the stove. serve it chilled.


This recipe serves 2 people.