CooQ : Recipe: Patoleo


Goan | Dessert

170 calories/serving
35 mins
Its a sweet dish made of rice, coconut and jaggery steam in turmeric or jackfruit leaves.
Recipe by:
Sunday Afternoon Cooking


1. Mix 1 cup grated coconut, 1 cup grated jaggery / jaggery powder and 1 tsp cardamom powder until completely combined. adjust the jaggery as per the desired sweetness.

2. Take 1 cup rice flour in a large plate or bowl, add in a pinch of salt and knead into a smooth dough with hot water.

3. Turn on the steamer.

4. Check if the turmeric leaf fits horizontally in the steamer, if not, you can cut it into half.

5. Wash the turmeric leaves. if using the whole leaf, divide the dough into 3 parts. if you have cut the leaf, divide the dough into 6 parts.

6. Wet your hands and take 1 part of the dough and gently spread it onto the smooth side of the turmeric leaf.

7. Spread the dough as thin as possible. ensure there are no holes. you can use more dough if required. if there is excess dough, wipe it off.

8. Once the whole leaf is covered with the dough, spoon in the filling. do not overstuff, else the stuffing will ooze out while cooking.

9. Fold the leaf lengthwise and seal the edges by pinching them.

10. Place the patoleos in the steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes. the colour of the leaf will change once it is done.

11. Remove from heat and gently peel the turmeric leaf.

12. Serve the patoleos warm.

By One Teaspoon Of Life