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Keto Coffee Recipe

Indian | Drink

155 calories/serving
5 mins
Combination of coffee and fats, particularly butter and coconut oil. It also aids greater alertness, more energy and less hunger.
Recipe by:
Novel Kitchen


1. Brew 2 cups worth of coffee into a large container using your favorite method. try to choose something large enough (like a measuring jug) to eliminate spilling when we blend it.

2. If you’re using a pour over method, grind to the size of kosher salt or a bit smaller. fill your coffee filter and wet the coffee with a little bit of water, allowing around 30 seconds for it to “bloom”.

3. Then brew normally by pouring the water in a circular motion, carefully making sure the coffee isn’t swimming in water.

4. Grab butter, mct oil or coconut oil, and immersion blender. you can mix this in a regular blender if you want to, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth to clean in a normal blender.

5. Drop in 2 tbsp grass fed unsalted butter, 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional) , and plunk in 2 tbsp coconut oil (or mct oil if you’re using it) as well.

6. Lastly, add 1 tbsp heavy cream. this adds a great creaminess to the coffee for a silky texture.

7. Mix it all together with your immersion blender. usually between 45-60 seconds gets a great frothy cap on the top. make sure to move the immersion blender up and down to emulsify all of the fat into the coffee. this also aerates the mixture some, adding additional froth.

8. Note: you can do all of this with a normal blender bottle and a blender ball – but the fats won’t be as emulsified, so you may need to shake every few minutes.

9. Watch out when you’re pouring with the froth on top (it can drip down the side), but your ketoproof coffee is finished! measure it out into your favorite mug and drink away.


Macros per serving :-

Fats - 27.7 gms

Net carbs - 1.05 gms

Protein - 1.08 gms

By Ruledme