CooQ : Recipe: Lentil Custard/ Moongdal Custard With Saffron And Kiwi

Lentil Custard/ Moongdal Custard With Saffron And Kiwi

Indian | Dessert

472 calories/serving
30 mins
Just a few ingredients, very little time and this awesome, delicious and healthy custard is ready to win hearts!! Let's see how to fix it!!


1. Rinse and soak 1/2 cup split yellow lentils / moong dal and 1 tsp rice for 2 hours in water.

2. Cook the dal in a pressure cooker with 3/4 cup water for one whistle on high flame. turn off the flame. let the pressure release.

3. Open the pressure cooker lid, mash the dal with the back of the spoon.

4. Once mashed properly, add water little by little till you get a milkshake like consistency. not too thick nor too runny. keep aside

5. Take a heavy bottom pan. heat 3 cups full fat milk and let it boil on low flame till the milk becomes half the quantity.

6. Add a pinch saffron strands (optional). i used it for the bright color. you may add vanilla essence alternatively.

7. Add the dal mixture little by little stirring the milk continuously so that no lumps are formed.

8. Add 1/2 cup sugar and cook for another 5 minutes.

9. It may look runny at this point, but it'll thicken as it cools down. once cooled to room temperature refrigerate for atleast 4-6 hours.

10. Serve chilled with chopped kiwis or any other fruit you like!!